Throttle and Mixture Panel

The throttle and mixture panel houses genuine Cessna 172 throttle and mixture controls, lighting rheostats, and the alt static air switch.

The panel is attached directly to the frame with truss-head screws.

Parts List

Panel 310x104mm (Ebay) 3/16” bright white cast acrylic
Screws (for attaching panel for frame) 6 (Amazon) #8 x 3/4” Phillips Truss Head Screws
Rheostats 2 (Amazon) Dual-concentric linear potentiometer
Throttle Control 1 (Aircraft Spruce) A-820 FRICTION LOCK CONTROL
Mixture Control 1 (Aircraft Spruce) A-790 VERNIER CONTROL
Alt Static Air Switch 1 (Desktop Aviator) Chrome Push/Pull Switch

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The panel is laser cut from white acrylic, painted black, and then laser engraved.


File: throttle_mixture_panel.svg

Light Dimming Rheostat Knobs

The panel lighting rheostat knobs are 3d-printed and mounted on dual-concentric linear potentiometers.

Inner Knob

File: rheostat_knob_inner.stl (Thingiverse)

Outer Knob

File: rheostat_knob_outer.stl (Thingiverse)

Bonus: Throttle and Mixture Knobs

I have created models of the throttle and mixture knobs using dimensions from genuine parts as I was unable to find actual dimensions for these components online when I was looking initially.

These might be of use in your project if you prefer to make your own controls.

Throttle Knob

File: throttle_knob.stl (Thingiverse)

Mixture Knob.

File: mixture_knob.stl (Thingiverse)
File: mixture_button.stl (Thingiverse)