Rudder Pedals

I use MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals for rudder control in X-Plane.

The Crosswinds are impressively well-built rudder pedals but the pedal style that is provided does not allow the typical heel-on-the-floor position that would normally be used in a Cessna 172.

These pedals are similar in design to real Cessna 172 pedals, allowing a heel-on-the-floor position during flight and allowing toe-braking during taxi.

The pedals are designed to be attached the existing Crosswind pedal mounts and installation is quick and easy. The Crosswind pedals should be adjusted to the steepest angle.

I also adjusted the brake tension spring to its lowest resistance setting.


File: rudder_pedal_left.stl (Thingiverse)
File: rudder_pedal_right.stl (Thingiverse)