Garmin GNS 430

The Garmin GNS 430 is no longer in production but it continues to be ubiquitous in general aviation.

This GPS is specifically designed for use with X-Plane 11.10 (or greater) and uses the screen-only popup instrument window feature to render the GPS screen on an HDMI display that is integrated into the assembly.

Parts List

Faceplate, hardware mount, mounting brackets 441x69 mm (Ebay) 3/16” bright white cast acrylic
4-inch Display

This is a 16:10 (wide) aspect ratio display that is very close to the aspect ratio and size of the display in a genuine 430. The touch screen feature isn’t used.

1 (Amazon) Waveshare 4inch HDMI LCD Resistive Touch Screen 800x480
Primary knobs

Dual-rotary encoders are difficult to find. These work perfectly and have a solid feel. The 3d printed knobs below are designed for these encoders.

2 (Desktop Aviator) 8mm Dual Rotary Encoder Switch w/Knobs & Mounting PCB
Push buttons

These are a soft-feel push button with about 2mm of travel.

14 (Amazon) 7mmx7mm Momentary DPDT Mini Push Button Switch
Power/volume potentiometers

With on/off and volume control. The 3d printed volume knobs below are designed for these.

2 (Amazon) 20K Ohm Dual Linear Taper Potentiometer Switch
Pan head screws

Used for attaching the hardware mount to the rear of the faceplate.

4 (Amazon) #6-32 x 1/2” Phillips Pan Head Screws
Flat head screws

For assembling the acrylic parts (holes should be countersunk before assembly).

12 #4 x 1/2” Flat Head Wood Screws

Note The Amazon and Ebay links above are affiliate links and help me pretend that my hobbies are self-sustaining.


The faceplate is laser cut from white acrylic, painted black, and then laser engraved.


File: faceplate.svg

Hardware Mount

The hardware mount provides a layer for mounting the push-buttons and the display. I used acrylic for mounting the push buttons to simplify construction and to avoid having to create a circuit board. The push buttons are glued into the hardware mount.


File: hardware_mount.svg

Frame Mounts

The frame mounts are used to attach the assembly to the frame.


File: frame_mount_left.svg


File: frame_mount_right.svg

Frame Mount Brackets

The frame mounts are attached to the hardware mount with these brackets and #4 x 1/2” flat head screws.

File: frame_mount_bracket.stl (Thingiverse)

Display Mounting Clips

The display mounting clips secure the display to the hardware mount and to the faceplate. A shallow 1/8” hole is drilled into the rear of the faceplate. The clips are designed to work with #6-32 x 1/2 pan head screws.

File: display_clip.stl (Thingiverse)

Display Bezel

A 3d printed display bezel is sandwiched between the layers to compensate for the difference in thickness between the display and the hardware mount panel. The bezel provides a clean finish and is similar to the bezel profile on a real GNS 430.

File: display_bezel.stl (Thingiverse)


The GPS buttons are 3d-printed from white PLA, painted, and laser-engraved.

Small Buttons


File: button_small_engrave.svg

Medium Buttons


File: button_medium_engrave.svg

Zoom Button


File: button_zoom_engrave.svg

Flip Flop Buttons


File: button_medium_vertical_engrave.svg


Dual-Rotary Knobs

The knobs for the dual concentric rotary encoders are designed to match those found on a real GNS 430 and are 3d printed from white PLA, painted, and laser-engraved.

File: knob_inner.stl (Thingiverse)
File: knob_outer.stl (Thingiverse)


File: knob_engrave.svg

Volume Knobs

The knob is 3d printed from white PLA, painted, and laser-engraved.

File: volume_knob.stl (Thingiverse)


File: knob_volume_engrave.svg