I started this project to build a reasonably priced, desk-mounted, fully functional flight simulator panel that I could use as a training device in conjunction with real-world flight training.

In addition to using for flight training, building my own panel was a good excuse to start a new hardware project, add some new tools to my workbench (laser cutter), and learn more about aircraft subsystems and components along the way.

The content here primarily serves as a means to organize and document the project and to share it with the flight sim community.

This project is a work in progress and new content will be added as construction progresses.


As of May 2018, the panel is in a flyable state with a fully operating instrument panel, switch panel, throttle/mixture controls, flap control, trim wheel, parking brake, and yoke.

I am currently working on the avionics stack. I have a working Garmin GNS 530 and Garmin GNS 430, a partially functioning Garmin GMA 340 audio panel, and a fully functioning Bendix-King KT76C Transponder.